Documenting the Adventures of a Neophyte Paleolithic Eater

Wednesday, December 29

Paleo Di-- Volume 3, Issue 1

If you've read this blog at all, you'll see that I had some success with my first attempt and none with my second. As I've analyzed this, I've realized that it's not so much a lack of desire to succeed, a lack of time or a lack of information. I seem to have a deficiency of stamina. My follow-through and ability to stick with it is frighteningly lacking. Therefore, my goal for Volume 3 is consistency.

The Mark Sisson seminar really did change my mind-set. the 80/20 rule allows the follower to set a goal of 80% compliance. What that means for me is that getting back on track doesn't feel like an admission of failure. There are reasons that Paleo Challenges are the way to go: they're so restrictive that long term implementation is unlikely. With that in mind, it is now the goal of this webpage to give accountability to my efforts to lastingly improve my diet, lifestyle, and performance.